We’re not just an auto repair company. We are a family run business that has branched out to include truck repair, security and sound systems. The reason we’ve been so successful is that unlike our competition we treat our customers like we treat our family: with respect, honesty and integrity.

At Best Brothers Car & Truck Repair we do things quite differently. Your vehicles will not sit waiting to be looked at. We will diagnose your vehicle with no charge the very same day you bring it in. THE SAME DAY! Best Brothers will begin work on your vehicle only after you’ve given us the O.K. to begin. To make your truck repair experience even better we offer:

P3Free pickup & delivery
Open 6 days a week
Certified inspection station
2 fully equipped shops
Hydraulic hose, exhaust, and metal fabrication department
6 month/10,000 mile warranty on all parts & labor
24/7 road service with our own fully equipped trucks
And more.
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From the moment you walk in until the moment you leave with your vehicle we guarantee your satisfaction. We are prompt and professional—that’s why companies like The Long Island Railroad, Blackman Plumbing, Direct T.V., Home Depot, Stop & Shop, and Scott’s Lawn Service trust us to repair their Vehicles.
And why you should to.