The best auto repair companies are ones built on referrals. Recommendations passed along through word of mouth from a trusted friend or family member. At Best Brothers auto repair we pride ourselves on this type of outstanding service and track record. We are a family, and just like your family we want you to trust us with your car and truck repair.

We believe you and your vehicle deserve the very BEST!

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You may already know us from our radio and Cablevision commercials. We are a family run business that has taken the truck repair industry by storm. We love our competition. Why? The reason is simple. The dinosaurs in the truck and car repair industry are still doing things like they have done forever. Your trucks sit for days before they do you the favor of looking at them. Most likely, charging you for the diagnosis. Since you own trucks you know that your vehicles will be kept for days even before a diagnosis is rendered. Then it requires more time to repair it and get it back to you. Your vehicle down time has cost you a lot of money in repairs, lost business, and even a rental vehicle to bridge the gap till your truck is returned to you. Many of these companies are only open 5 days per week. They only have 1 shop and limited lifts available.

Not Best Brothers, we are open 6 days a week and have two locations to make sure your vehicle gets the attention it deserves. We will diagnose your vehicle with no charge the same day you bring it in. That’s right THE SAME DAY! Other facilities perform work on vehicles that they have not been authorized to do. Best Brothers starts the work when you give us the O.K. to begin. To make your truck repair experience even better we have:

• Free p/u & delivery

• Open 6 days per week including weeknights

• Certified inspection station

• 2 fully equipped shops

• Hydraulic hose, exhaust and metal fabrication department

• 6 month/10,000 mile warranty on all parts & labor

• 24/7 road service with our own fully equipped trucks

• Much, much, more!!!!!!!!

That’s why companies like The Long Island Railroad, Blackman Plumbing, Direct T.V., Home Depot, Stop & Shop, Scott’s lawn service call on us to repair their Vehicles.